Sustainability choices

Sustainability & production

RENÈ is conscious about our impact and are implementing appropriate working methods and responsible avenues of production.

Most of our garments are produced from high quality Japanese fabrics or dead-stock/surplus fabrics, recycled and organic fibers. 

Our conscious choice to use dead-stock and high quality fabrics means that no new fabrics need to be produced specifically for our production. This coupled with the fact that all of our garments are produced through small batch production and made on demand, means we sincerely try to avoid
over-production and unnecessary resource waste. 

This also means, that the waiting time for receiving your product can be slightly longer, as is to be expected. We have clarified in the description of each product if its in stock. 

For our garments we use eco-friendly buttons and we use recycled paper and soy ink for labels and hangtags. Our wrapping and boxes are made from recycled materials free of wax-coating or laminates.

We chose to produce our garments in Thailand, because we personally know people there with an extensive knowledge of production, tailoring, and finishing. In our garments you will find high quality finishing with the focus to make the garments last and satisfiing and comfortable to wear.