RENÈ is a Copenhagen-based slow-fashion brand with the intention to push the boundaries of diversity and gender fluidity. We are focusing on bold silhouettes with a voluminous and genderless appearance. Our collections are crafted with a focus on sustainability, versatility, style and comfort.

Founded in 2021 by Jens Skov Østergaard, RENÈ is driven by a desire to challenge conventional norms and embrace individuality and diversity. RENÈ is the culmination of his passion for creating compelling images, aesthetic and lifelong love for voluminous garments. We find inspiration in exploring the concepts of "femininity" and "masculinity," striving to blur and eliminate gender-specific expectations and instead focusing on a voluminous, sleek and genderless aesthetics.


We are committed to sustainable practices and minimizing waste. RENÈ follows a low-batch and made-on-demand production model, ensuring that every item we create is unique and special. 

In our product development processes, thoughtfulness is key. We highly prioritize
high-quality fabrics, handpicked from reliable surplus and japanese suppliers.
By collaborating with local artisans in Thailand, we support skilled craftsmanship and foster positive relationships within our supply chain.

We stay informed about emerging sustainable technologies, continuously seeking ways to adapt and improve our business model.

Slow Fashion

RENÈ embodies the essence of slow fashion. We believe in creating garments that stand the test of time, combining high-quality fabrics, precise attention to detail, and a timeless authenticity. 

Our commitment to delivering high-quality finishes at a fair price reflects our dedication to providing garments that you will cherish.